What is an Apple Day?

by Coach Jeni on August 3, 2011

Sometimes while on the HCG diet you can hit a plateau in your weight loss. An Apple Day is a tool given to us to help break that plateau and get the scale moving again.

An apple day is used for naturally occurring plateaus lasting more than 4 days, and is purported to help break the stall. What is a naturally occurring plateau? This is where your weight does not move (up or down) for 4 days for no apparent reason, such as eating something off protocol, going through your menstrual cycle, exceptional stress or insomnia, etc..  If any of these factors are present during a stall, this is not considered a naturally occurring plateau, and an apple day would not be appropriate and, in fact, could have the opposite effect.

If you are on a naturally occurring plateau of more than 4 days than you have the option to either wait it out, or to complete an Apple Day.  If you choose to do an apple day, you will replace your two normal VLCD meals with up to 6 medium sized apples during the course of the day, starting at noon and going until noon the next day when you’ll eat your normal VLCD lunch.

During an apple day all you eat is 6 medium sized apples, you’ll eat nothing else. It’s also important to only drink the amount of water required to quench your thirst, and nothing more. This is the ONLY time when it’s recommended to cut back your water intake.

Every now and then we have someone ask about how often they can do an apple day. There is no limit, but you do have to make sure that you have been on a naturally occurring plateau of more than 4 days. Completing an Apple Day just because you are trying to speed up your weight loss is counterproductive and can cause you to lose less weight overall.

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