Vicci’s HCG Transformation

by Coach Jeni on September 18, 2012

Hi my name is Vicci, I’m 25 years old and before starting this diet I weighed around 215 pounds and I now weigh around 178.8 lbs. The reason I started this diet was because I had come across the HCG web page and read all the stories about how people had lost weight and how their lives had changed, and I thought to myself that could be me. I had tried losing weight before by eating healthy and using the gym but for some reason I didn’t seem to lose any weight. I even went to my doctor and had some tests done and they came back normal but I couldn’t understand how I wasn’t losing weight.

After losing 35lbs so far, my life is just so much more fun. I have gained my confidence back and feel sexy, its nice to fit in to smaller clothes and have a nice choice again instead of thinking, “I’m to big to wear that”. I still have another stone and a half (20 lbs) to lose before my goal weight and I know by doing the HCG diet I’ll get there. If you want to lose weight and feel great again I would strongly recommend going to HCGWeightDrops webpage and have a really good read and make sure you understand the diet. If you have any questions the team will be happy to help. My weight loss has changed my life and I feel great! If you think the diet is for you go for it. I did, and have no regrets at all. Thank you for reading my story. Good luck!

1) Was it harder/easier than you expected? Doing the HCG diet was easier than expected for me, some days were harder than others but with a bit of will power it was easy to over come them.

2) What was the hardest part? The hardest part for me was if I was eating with friends or family, to make it easier if i knew I was going to be around them i would try and have my meals before hand so i didn’t feel tempted.

3) What kept you going? What kept me going the most was getting on the scales every morning and seeing that i was lighter in some way either by a 1lb or so or even by a few ounces but either way i knew that it was still a loss and that soon it would amount to getting to my goal.

4) What did you look forward to on the day-to-day? Things I looked forward to on the day to day was getting on the scales and also putting on clothes that were starting to get to small for me and that feeling was one of the best knowing that soon i would be going shopping for smaller clothes!

5) What were your favorite meals? Some of my favorite meals were grilled chicken and cucumber also i would grill a small beef burger and wrap it in a lettuce leaf, I personally added a small amount of mango pickle although its not recommended to have i still lost in the morning.

6) What advice would you recommend to someone starting out? If someone were to start the diet like i said to my mum keep in control, think that its only 21 or 40 days and soon that time would pass. Think about why your doing the diet and what a difference it can make, Stay focused and keep your self busy. It definitely will work and its up to you to make it happen.

7) What would you do differently? The only things I would of done different would have to been not to cheat on a few days because it does set you back for a few days and the guilty feeling after you have eaten something you shouldn’t is not worth the extra gain of a a few lbs!

8) What set you back? I got set back a few times by cheating, don’t do it, it is not worth it!

9) How did you overcome a setback? I over come this by looking in the mirror and saying so myself no more! and also drinking plenty of water and try to keep myself away from the cheat foods.

10) What was your overall experience? My overall experience has been awesome, I’ve lost 33lbs so far and I’m still in my second round so a few more pounds to come off yet, I can not stress how this product has helped me and I know can help others to lose weight.

11) Would you do it again? Most definitely I would do this again, I’m planning on doing a 3rd round in about 6 weeks time.

12) Why do you think some people don’t stick it out? I think people don’t stick it out because they have got themselves into such bad eating habits that It takes a lot to break them so end up going back to the old eating ways.

13) How did you stay motivated halfway through? How I stayed motivated half way through was to look at my weight loss chart and seeing that i was still losing and to keep going to my goal.

14) Have you ever done any other diets? What have you previously done to lose weight? I have tried other diets and tried eating healthy but nothing has made me lose weight like this, it has really made a hugh difference to my life.

15) How did the HCG diet compare? HCG has been one of the best diets I have ever done and compared to other diets this one is by far the best.

16) Overall, how would you best describe your experience? Overall my experience has been great, the HCG team are great always there to help with any questions and to help with different food ideas, my weight loss has changed my life and i feel great! Thank you HCG Team


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