Can I Take Sleeping Med’s On The HCG Diet?

by Coach Jeni on August 13, 2011

If you have trouble sleeping and currently take sleeping pills you may be asking if it is still possible to take sleeping pills.

While on the HCG diet sleep is vital, it can play a huge part in your weight loss, because of this sleeping medication can be vital for those struggling to sleep. Also while on the diet you may find that you have more energy than normal, particularly if you are taking B12 vitamins. Although it is rare some people may begin struggling to get to sleep because of the amount of energy they have so they may need to take a sleeping tablet every now and then.

You may be wondering if it is alright to take sleeping med’s, the answer is yes, you can take them, and in the rare cases that you struggle to sleep they can actually improve the results of your diet further.

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